School Returning Full Time

By Aurey Barrios

& Emily Saul

March 11, 2021

On March 22, Norwood schools will be returning to a five-day-a-week schedule, rather than the current hybrid schedule of going only two days per week. While there are advantages to returning, the student body has mixed feelings.

On one hand, students will see their peers every day, have a set routine and have a consistent wake up time. This could lead to students being more motivated to get to school, which in turn, could improve learning and emotional health.

Freshman Kylie Jones is looking forward to having a “normal” freshman year. She says,  “It was nice being here only two days a week, but none of the freshmen have felt like they really started high school yet, so I’m excited for the experience to be more normal.”

On the other hand, some upperclassmen aren’t keen on disrupting their lives and sleep schedule by fully going back.  Many students have shaped their lives around the current hybrid schedule; some students choose to work on days they’re not in school, while others like to do school work on their own schedule.

Junior Sandy Gonzales says, ”I’m not excited to go back because I don’t want to have to start my days that early again.” 

For seniors specifically, getting the chance to finish off the school year this way is exciting. The Class of 2020 lost the end of their senior year. The beginning of this school year was rough, so the possibility of having a prom, senior picnic, graduation ceremony and finishing high school while seeing everyone from their class everyday is fortunate. 

It will be a difficult adjustment to return to five days a week. For many, finishing the school year in a semi-normal way will be a nice change from the very abnormal past year.