Students Adapt to new Normal

By Aurey Barrios

October 28, 2020


Norwood students are adapting to an entirely new model of school this year and finding there are some downsides and upsides to the blended model of education. 

There are some really good things about being in a blended model. There is more freedom and flexibility of the schedule, giving students the option of when to do their work and a new sense of the importance of time management. 

The blended model eliminates some of the anxiety, pressure and distractions that come with being surrounded by other people. For example, student altercations seem to have decreased this year. When I am in the building, I notice there are less fights and messing around. Students mostly come here to do their work and leave.

Anxiety in teens has been on the rise in recent years, and  a lot of students have trouble even coming to the building itself. The blended model makes this easier for some students because they are only in the building two days a week, leaving three days to work, hang out with friends, exercise or anything else that helps them relieve stress. I’m sure this break from peers is stopping a lot of them from acting out at school. This model also encourages students to grow up and be responsible for their day to day lives. Again, giving students the ability to do their work on their time leaves more room for new responsibilities, interests or relationships.

However, it does present some challenges. Freedom can be a bad thing for students who struggle with self control. For example, I am incapable of doing my work without being told to. I, not being the best student, understand how hybrid schooling can make the process harder for the below average student. The freedom of doing our work when we want to could easily be translated into not doing it all.  There can also be a lot to manage on your own.  Online assignments for seven classes, due at 11:59 p.m. really add up when students aren’t in a classroom getting help from teachers.

As the second quarter begins, we know what to expect, so I’m going to try harder and you should too!