Senior Gabby Singleton

What grade are you in this year?

Senior year; my last one.

Have you missed out on any part of your senior year so far?

A ton; like everything, basically.  My year is ruined, and I’m never gonna get it back. I’m trying right now to make the best of my time and hope for the best.

Who has your favorite teacher been throughout all of high school?

Mr. Robinson; he has made an amazing impact on my life and has put this joy and energy into my life that is so full and fun.

Have you tried anything new this year?

I’m trying to get a job, so I’m waiting on my stuff to come in, and I’m learning to drive, so I’m waiting on stuff to continue to open back up.

What’s something you wish you had learned sooner for high school?

Your “friends” aren’t your friends. I had a lot of people come and go through high school, and I’m mature enough now to say I’m glad they left.