Raegan’s Rambles: Week of Oct. 19-23

Let’s start off with how I spent 45 minutes in the Ridge Wendy’s line for them to tell me I could not add on another order at the window, so I let them make my food and drove off. They were so rude and nasty and forgot so many peoples items that they were walking up to the window to ask for them back.

A good thing that happened at least this week was I’m looking for a new car: a Jeep Wrangler. I’m going to look at it this Saturday.

Now read about some highs and lows of this week for other NHS students and teachers:

Bri Ranshaw:

I sadly failed my test today; I was hoping to do better but I didn’t.

I would say a good thing is I got paid this week, so I’m able to buy some Christmas presents, hopefully and put some money away for a rainy day fund.

Brendon Nies:

My low this week was I quit my job that I had at a gas station due to them accusing me of stuff, and it was so dysfunctional.

The best part of my week was that I hung out with my girlfriend, and we bought a lot of food, and I didnt have to pay either. We were able to watch some Halloween movies as well.