Raegan’s Rambles: Week of Oct. 12-16

Let’s start off with Thursday: I drove all the way up to Kenwood to go to Red Robin for my dad’s birthday. I had called at 7:25 p.m. to see if they were still taking dine in seating — you know, nothing’s open because of COVID. I had headed up there and got there around 7:35 p.m., where they proceeded to tell me they were closed. How ignorant is that woman on the phone? I was so upset and annoyed, we got all the way out there, so we decided to stop somewhere else. The only place still open and mildly good was Buffalo Wild Wings, or so we thought. When we arrived it all took so long and it wasn’t that busy. We ordered and the food came out shortly after, of course my food was messed up. They gave me grilled chicken instead of fried and my food took so long, everyone else was able to eat and finish their food before mine even came out. I got it bagged up but my dad’s burger was barely touched due to the amount of grease dripping from it. 

The highlight of the week is being able to go home and sleep, maybe watch a couple of movies and play some video games. A no-worry Friday is the best!

Now read about some highs and lows of this week for other NHS students and teachers:

Senior Trinity Smith:

A good thing that happened to me this week was I passed 1st quarter with all A’s and I’m starting to get closer with my siblings on my dad’s side. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with my other family members.

The bad thing that happened would be COVID making it harder for me and my family to do things in life that should be easier and not take as long of a process. Like I’m trying to move at the moment and it’s not looking so good because there are so many restrictions because of this virus.

English teacher Robin Brewer:

My low of the week would be my dog got very sick Monday and I thought I was gonna lose him but now he’s all better, thank goodness.

My high of the week would be that everyone is doing well in all my classes and this is the best success rate all year long and I’m pleased with their progress.