Senior Noah Moyers

What is it like being a senior this school year with all of the changes?

It is just different, especially with wearing masks and only going two days a week. I like only going two days a week, but it almost doesn’t seem like I’m a senior.

Do you think we have it harder than the Class Of 2020?

I think we have it just as bad, if not worse because we can’t even do half of the things the past seniors got to do. I also don’t think we will get a great senior year.

Do you like having less people in your classes?

I do like having less people, but I also miss my friends that I usually see at school.

What has been your favorite class all of highschool?

Mr. Ward, Algebra 1, freshman year. The class was very fun overall. I talked to a lot of people in there.

Do you like the change of school start time/when you leave?

Yes I like to have some extra time to sleep. Getting out earlier is nice too because the class times are cut shorter.