How Norwood High School Gets Ready for Prom

By Raegan Lewis

May 13, 2021

Norwood High School students celebrated Prom on April 30 at the Newport Aquarium. While this year’s prom looked different than years past, one thing remained the same: obsessing about getting ready. 

This year especially,  pre-prom was just as special (or more special) than actual prom. This was certainly the case for some of this year’s seniors.

“Once I got out of school, I went to eat a quick pre-prom meal and relax at my house while waiting on all the girls to get ready. After they were ready, we got dressed in our tuxedos and made our way to the picture location. We got our pictures looking good and got into our limo, and headed to Taste of Belgium to eat. After we finished our food, we went to the aquarium and have our first and last dances at our prom,” says senior Michael Wood.

Senior Olivia Peace also enjoyed the prom preparations.

“This was my first prom ever, but what I imagined is I would get a fake tan, but I didn’t. I went with my best friend to get my makeup done, with full glam; like, I really went all out for this day. I also got my nails done and then proceeded to get dressed. I brought a pair of backup shoes because heels suck to walk in. I went to my pictures then to eat because no one wants to look bloated in pictures; then we went to the aquarium. I will say High School Musical really let me down,¨ says Senior Olivia Peace.

It was so nice to be able to see our juniors and seniors enjoying their prom, while they looked amazing.