Why Do Some Trends Even Start?

By Dillon Jones

May 4, 2021

Fashion trends are always changing across the world, but some just don’t make sense. Even today there are very questionable trends. And before you ask, I have never participated in these trends.

The first trend I remember being questionable was when boys from sixth to eighth grade would wear Sperrys with Nike Elite socks. I couldn’t tell if they wanted to go to church or play a basketball game. 

Following that came the Birkenstocks, which don’t look horrible but definitely don’t look good. I didn’t really like them for the girls, and then boys started wearing them, and I started to question things. They don’t even look comfortable. 

Next up were the Fila Disruptors. These shoes were probably my least favorite thing out of all of the questionable ‘fashion’ trends. They are huge, ugly and have random pieces of shoe parts all over.

Source: DSW

Then all of a sudden some Champion branding change happened, and everyone across the face of the planet decided Champion was the go-to for clothing. I remember not very long ago going into Walmart and seeing Champion clothing sitting on shelves and on racks across the whole clothing section. After seeing clothes sit on shelves, I’m guessing Champion designers decided their best option was to just add the rest of the word to what used to just be their signature ‘C,’ and all of a sudden the brand popped off, and now no longer sits in Walmart, but in stores in the mall. 

One of the most recent weird fashion trends was not new to the world. It was brought back after some years of no one buying them. It’s Crocs. Why did they come back? Now people use them as their go-to house shoe; comfortable, on-the-go shoe; and any other activity they have to do, shoes especially with their ‘sport mode.’

As you can probably tell, I am not a follower and not with the weird ‘fashion’ trends, but I see exactly what these people have been doing with these clothes and with these shoes.