HOPE Squad Leads HOPE Week

HOPE Squad Members Daliah Khalil and Olivia Peace / Source: Instagram.com/nhs_hopesquad

April 28, 2021

The Norwood High School HOPE Squad is leading Spirit and HOPE week to raise awareness for suicide prevention while spreading postive energy.

The HOPE squad is in its second year. The purpose of this organization is to encourage peer-to-peer conversations that build support for students struggling with mental health issues. This is the first in-person Spirit Week for the Hope Squad. 

Each day, students dressed to theme. On Wednesday, students created their “own sunshine” by wearing yellow, which is the official color of Suicide Prevention Awareness. Members of the Hope Squad passed out yellow ribbons to encourage student participation.

HOPE Squad advisor Melissa Stacy says, “Join us in showing we are all here for one another and no one is alone.”