Taylor is Breaking the Internet… Again

Source: Ptichfork

By Summer Ward

April 20, 2021

You could say Taylor is untouchable after the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

After dealing with the horrific management of Scooter Braun since 2004, singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has finally had enough. Taylor has come out saying how she has dealt with manipulative behavior from Braun for years. The final straw for her was when he sold all the rights to her music without any consent. 

Braun managed Swift since she was 15, giving him rights to six of her albums: Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red and 1989. Swift decided to take action, and in August 2019 told the world she was going to re-record all six of these albums. 

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Swift has spent the majority of her time putting out new music while re-recording her old songs. She released two new albums, Folklore and Evermore, switching into a more alternative rock genre. It’s safe to say her audience enjoyed the switch, since Folklore won the Grammy for Album of the Year. 

Then while fans thought that she may be finished releasing for a while, Swift announced that her Fearless re-recordings would be released on April 9. The newly-released Fearless included six never-heard-before songs that did not originally make the cut. 

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” was one of the fans’ favorite new releases. This song is one of her classic heart-wrenching breakup songs supposedly about artist Joe Jonas (Swift’s ex-boyfriend from 2008, when Fearless was released) and everyone got some enjoyment from it. Even Jonas’s wife, Sophia Turner, enjoyed the song. Turner posted the song on her Instagram story, saying, “It is not NOT a bop.” 

“That’s When” is a collaboration with country singer Keith Urban. Her fans loved to see country Taylor really shine through with this one. Many fans are feeling a sense of nostalgia, which is actually what everyone needs after such a tough year.

Of course, we know this won’t be the last of Swift. She is still re-recording the rest of her albums and fans are at the edge of their seats wondering which album is coming next!