A Different Prom with Norwood High School

By Raegan Lewis

April 13, 2021

After fighting with Covid for a year now, the students at Norwood High School are finally getting their prom this year! 

Prom will be held at the Newport Aquarium, which renewed the school’s down payment after last year’s cancellation. 

Last year, prom was going to be held at Newport Aquarium, but then it was unable to be held there and was moved to Coney Island. As Covid got worse, administrators, under Governor DeWine’s orders, decided it was in students’ best interest and safety to cancel the dance. 

With Covid numbers dropping and vaccines rolling out, the Administration released a prom date for April 30.

Seniors and juniors will still have early dismissal the day of the event, but things will be different this year at Prom.

This year everyone will have one of three colored wristbands, and depending on the color you get, that’s the group you’re allowed to dance with.

Some students aren’t happy with this. Senior Gabby Singleton says, “It is so dumb and it’s heartbreaking because this is our senior prom and I won’t get to dance with all my classmates. The only upside to this is that we’re having it at the aquarium.” 

This is the majority of our seniors’ and juniors’ first prom, and this is how they will remember it: restrictions and masks.

Junior Summer Ward says, “this is my first prom and at first I was so excited, but after hearing our restrictions, I’m not so happy anymore. I just wanted one normal day out of this year, and it looks like I still won’t get it.”

Our students are ecstatic to have a prom, but it’s not what they expected or dreamed of; although, something is better than nothing.