DeWine Expands Ohio’s COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

April 8, 2021

Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine announced on March 19 the plans of Ohio’s Phase 2C and Phase 2D vaccine distribution. 

According to the official site, Phase 2C for vaccine eligibility includes expanding vaccinations to people 40 years of age and older starting Friday, March 19, while Phase 2D expands the vaccination age to Ohioans 16 and older with parental consent starting Monday, March 29. 

For teens 16-17, only the Pfizer vaccine is authorized. 

The website also includes resources to find and schedule vaccinations for those Ohioans who qualify. These include the Vaccine Management Solution (VMS), COVID-19 Provider Locations, and the CDC’s VaccineFinder

For additional information about vaccination eligibility, click here