WandaVision Review

Source: Cnet.com

By Ryley McNichols

April 7, 2021

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story lines are incredible and well thought out, as seen in the new Disney series, WandaVision. This first release of the new Marvel TV show started out strong and ended even stronger. 

Each episode consisted of a different type of filming style that poked fun at different popular TV shows. In season one, episode seven, for instance, they emulated the popular show, Modern Family. They used the same camera work, confessionals and editing style. 

The series centers on the story of Wanda who steals Vision, her dead spouse, from the Sword facility where his body is stored. Because of her grief, she creates a false reality with his body, creating the equivalent of a real-life doll house using the entire town where she lives.

Each episode traces one of Wanda’s stages of grief. The show starts off with denial and then ends with acceptance (hopefully). 

While WandaVision is incredibly popular, it hasn’t aired without its share of controversies. Marvel promised its fans hour-long episodes, but the episodes ranged from 30-50 minutes, with six-minute intros and two-to-five-minute outros. 

No one has confirmed a second season of WandaVision. The president of Marvel said a second season is “not at all guaranteed at this point.” This upset many fans who loved watching Wanda’s journey. Fans are hoping the show could encourage the MCU to make a Scarlet Witch movie, so all can enjoy and appreciate Wanda for years to come.