Eminem “Cancelled”?

By Emily Betts

March 19, 2021

Is Marshall Mathers (Eminem) cancelled? Despite the best efforts of some, it appears not.

Eminen has recently come under fire for lyrics in “Love the Way You Lie” from 2010, containing violent lyrics. This were written over a decade ago, so who cares? Apparently Gen Z-ers do, though it seems the only ones trying to “cancel” are internet trolls.

Many took to social media to defend Mathers, including “The View” co-host Meghan McCain, who wrote: “Eminem will not be canceled. Come at me Z’s.”

Does he even care though? Definitely not. He even replied with a video to his song “Tone Deaf” to show he has no interest. 

“Eminem appeared to reference the controversy by sharing the lyrics to the song: ‘I won’t stop even when my hair turns grey (I’m tone-deaf)/Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me,’ he raps on the chorus,” says writer James Crowley from Newsweek.

Mathers has released many songs people consider “questionable,” but he has never cared, so why should he now over children trying to cancel him?

“Real Slim Shady”, one of his many songs, even goes to show he does not care. He talks about how he is the one and only, and no one can be like him. Many other songs on his albums prove this.

Before trying to cancel someone Gen Z-ers, make sure the person you will try to cancel is going to be affected. Especially someone like Eminem who has put out songs especially showing he does not give a care in the world about what anyone thinks. If you are going to get offended over someone’s song written over a decade ago, just don’t listen to it.