NBA Trade Deadline

By Brayden Manning

March 18, 2021

As the NBA All-Star Break just finished, the next important event is the trade deadline. Teams around the league have been exploring the market in hopes to get some valuable assets for their future or to acquire that extra push some might need.

There have been rumors surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers had an amazing start to their season with their best player, Joel Embiid, in the MVP race. However, with the Brooklyn Nets acquiring MVP James Harden, they have been the leading go-getters to come out of the East. The Sixers have been trying to get some extra power before the trade deadline. There have been some big names in talks — Zach Lavine and Bradley Beal, both averaging 35 points per game — would be an excellent addition to the Sixers’ roster.

One player who is going to be moved is San Antonio Spurs star Lamarcus Aldridge. Aldridge and the Spurs organization have talked about mutually departing from one another, and he is not expected to stay much longer. Aldridge was supposed to play a game against the Dallas Mavericks, but before the game, he was ruled out for “not with the team.” 

The long-time coach Greg Popovich said, “Aldridge is healthy and both sides have agreed to look for opportunities for Aldridge elsewhere.” The only way this could happen is if a trade occurs or the Spurs buy out the remaining money on his contract.

Some players’ futures with their teams have been in question lately. Shockingly, veteran point guard Kyle Lowry has been in some trade talks. Although Lowry has a big contract, the Heat and the Clippers need a guard like him. Lowry would be an excellent addition to either team, and he could team up with Kawhi Leonard who he won a championship with in 2019. Another player being looked at is Andre Drummond. The Cavs have sat Drummond until he gets traded. He is expected to be moved, but if he is not, the Cavs might try to keep him until the off-season.

With the March 25 deadline approaching, many of these players could be expected to be moved in the next week.