The Split of Kim and Kanye

By Ryley McNichols

March 12, 2021

I am writing this with a heavy heart, as this mixes my most favorite guilty pleasure, The Kardashians and the love of Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.

Kim K has recently gone public that she has filed for divorce from Kanye West. 

This power reality couple have a combined worth of $4.1 billion.  I am curious to see how much of that money is kept with Kim to assist in raising their children. She has requested full custody, since Kanye’s mental health is not exactly where it should be since his failed presidential bid of 2020.

According to TMZ, the prenup was only to protect their assets before marriage, so everything is up for grabs — jewelry, cars, art and livestock are a large part of the couple’s massive wealth.

Conspiracy theorists alike are thinking this was going on for several years, as they announced the divorce right before the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is set to air, and you know Kris Jenner is all about the ratings.

I think back to all the times I watched them together, including their gorgeous wedding and the way Kanye would always have the best presents and surprises for her, and it just makes me wonder if it really is possible to truly ever have it all. 

Here are two people who should be on top of the world with their secured wealth, health and loving family, and they couldn’t make it work. If they can’t make it work with all of the resources, then how is anyone supposed to make it work?

Kanye needs mental health assistance, while Kim K will hopefully one day find love that lasts forever.