A Guide to Being a Student-Athlete

By Summer Ward

February 19, 2021

Since we are about to sadly begin going back to school five days a week again, the workload is going to begin to pile up. Whether you are just starting out high school, trying out sports for the first time or just can’t picture yourself doing what you used to, I am here to help. These are my best tips on how to be a student-athlete.

First off, your school work actually does matter. I know plenty of kids who wanted to play college sports but couldn’t just because of their grades. You have to actually get into the college to be able to play a sport there.

One thing I have always found useful is having a planner. Being able to stay organized, know what assignments you have and know exactly where to be, and when, will benefit you more than you think. If you know ahead of time how long you are gonna be out playing, then you can adjust and plan when to do your school work accordingly. 

Do your homework the minute you get home. If you can start and grind out that homework and have it done, it will make your night a lot less stressful. Then you also have time to ask friends, teachers or family members for help if needed. Nights can fly by so fast with practices and games; if you’re gonna stay on top of your work, you are gonna have to prioritize it.

Ask for help. Teachers understand the struggle of being a student-athlete and are there to help you out. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to send an email. Don’t waste your time struggling on an assignment and staying up all night when all you need to do is ask your teacher about it. Teachers aren’t always the enemy. Despite what you may think, they actually want you to succeed.

Fuel your body right. I know this may seem like a challenge, especially with those late-night games and practices, you may feel like your only option is junk food or maybe even just to go home and sleep, but that is not the case. You can plan your dinner before practice or a game, and trust me when I say you will feel a lot better. When your body has the proper nutrients, it can focus on school way more, and also help you perform way better in your sports.

Last but not definitely least, make sure you are getting enough recovery time. Whether it’s sleep, rolling out, ice baths or even just a break. Make the time for yourself, so you can be the best student and athlete you can be. When school starts back up full time again it is going to be a lot, and at first it will suck, but when you make time for yourself and let your body and mind recover, it will be a lot easier.