Thank You, JoJo

By Ryley McNichols

February 4, 2021

Source: E! Online

Jojo Siwa has come out as gay, and people have something to say about it. Parents and guardians are upset she chose to come out. They said it was “inappropriate” or “uncalled for”. Many people even went as far as saying they will not let their children watch her content anymore.

One question for those people: what makes you think it’s okay to dictate what a 17 year old does with her life? Furthermore, why wouldn’t let your kids watch this amazing role model just because she loves the same sex?

People are saying she shouldn’t have come out because a younger generation watches her, but that is exactly why she should have come out — to show children it will be okay. People want her to hide who she is. One thing that happens a lot in the world is people hide themselves so they are comfortable.

Siwa is an amazing person for these children to grow up watching. She is positive and loving. She is helping children see a strong female gay public figure. She is the younger generation’s Ellen Degeneres. 

Why should she stop doing what she loves because people find it inappropriate?

Siwa is so brave for coming out. I wish we lived in a world where you didn’t have to come out. It takes so much courage, let alone someone who is in the spotlight. I am proud of her and anyone who comes out, and it is horrible that she is getting comments from parents.

Young people who come out are told that it is “just a phase” and they will grow out of it, or in my case, “You can’t know you like girls; you have never been with one.” Why people think it’s a switch we can just turn on and off is beyond me.

We were born this way. Siwa was born this way. She is finally able to share her full self to the world.

Siwa shouldn’t have to worry that her fans aren’t going to be able to watch her anymore or buy her products anymore because of who she loves. No one should have to go through coming out and not being fully supported.

If you are thinking about coming out and you are scared, know it is okay to be you and live your life. In the long run, it will be worth it, but you will always have someone that loves and cares about you because I am here writing this. To quote GaGa, “You were born this way.” 

Thank you, Jojo, for showing people it will be okay.