Senior Activities: What Will We Get?

By Brayden Manning

February 4, 2021

With the 2020-2021 school year flying by, many students are missing out on those quality high school memories that come along with it. Last year, seniors missed out on their very last prom and their graduation was in the middle school auditorium instead of the Cintas Center. Hopefully in the next couple of months, history doesn’t repeat itself.

Typically there are multiple pep rallies throughout the year, although this year it has not been the case. With the amount of people crammed in the gymnasium and not being able to maintain social distancing regulations, it is just impossible to be able to do so. Prom looks unPROMising this year too.

“Athletic events, plays, musical assemblies….all currently limited due to restrictions.  Dances are a similar situation – we must follow regulations, and those guidelines are updated periodically,” Principal Tina Acres said.

Prom may only happen if guidelines are lifted and allow for bigger gatherings. There is at least some good news. There are plans for the Senior Signing Day and the Senior Picnic. 

Acres didn’t say too much about the Senior Picnic, but she did say graduation will be at the Cintas Center this year.

With already a crazy year, hopefully the school year can start to smooth out and seniors can end the year with some tradition.