I Tried… a Full Day of School

By Summer Ward

January 22, 2021

Now I’m sure everyone here knows someone who has suffered a bad case of Senioritis. If you ask any of my teachers, friends or probably even the principal, you would know my Senioritis came a little bit too early.

I have had 18 early dismissals or tardies my junior year, and the worst part is I only go to school two days a week.

So, last Thursday I decided to take on the task of completing an 8-hour school day. 

The experience started off very well, I got my large caramel iced coffee and basically just enjoyed it all of 1st and 2nd bell.

When I got to third bell, I realized how hungry I was. See, usually I come in late enough that I can make myself a good breakfast, so this really has never been an issue. Fourth bell was also miserable as I sat and waited for lunch.

Lunch and fifth bell went by like a breeze, but then it was 6th bell. This bell killed me: my coffee had worn off, I wanted to be home, and was really debating just getting up and leaving. 

Finally, after what felt like a century, seventh bell arrived. This breezed by quickly since it was newspaper, but I still was drained.

The minute I got home I went straight to sleep. In conclusion, eight hours of school is mentally draining, and I would never recommend to anyone.