My 2021 Super Bowl Predictions

By Summer Ward

January 20, 2021

Although the NFL was blessed with having a season amidst a pandemic, a lot of things look different. One player being out due to COVID can ruin your chances of moving on, and there’s a lot of uncertainty going into this playoff season.

To make it to the Super Bowl this year, teams really have to be on their game. They have to be able to play their best without a teammate, coach or even half your team. There is an insane amount of adversity and very few teams can face it.

The predictions I am about to make are being made not only because these two teams have players that are talented, but their team chemistry and skill this year is almost unmatched. 

My Super Bowl Prediction is Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs. The reigning MVP Aaron

Rogers vs the 2020 MVP Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City will represent the AFC and Green Bay

will represent the NFC.

The Green Bay offense is has been on fire all year with the passing attack of Rogers to Green Bays Wide Receiver Davante Adams with over Rogers throwing 4299 yards and 48 TD’s, with over 30% thrown to Adams with 115 catches and 1374 yards, and four other receivers with over 500 yards

receiving. Also add to the mix Aaron Jones 1104 rushing yards and his 384 receiving yards

makes him a dual threat.

While the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 4,740 yards and 38 TD’s, with

over 30% thrown to his Tight End Travis Kelce. Mahomes has two receivers with

over 1000 yards receiving, but the leading Rusher is rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire with only 800

yards on the ground. Kansas City is not a balanced attack and have struggled as of late.

The key word mentioned here is how balanced Green Bay’s offense is. This leaves me thinking that Green Bay’s offense is able to face all of the adversity that this crazy COVID season has brought and come out on top.

This leaves my prediction of the score being: Green Bay 31 Kansas City 28. Green Bay will win with Aaron Rogers will be the MVP.