Predictions for 2021

By Teresa Zhang

January 11, 2021

2020 was an eventful year for the worse, so it stands to reason that 2021 will be equally if not more eventful for better or worse. Here are my predictions of what will happen in the year 2021:


On Jan. 14, the House of Representatives will bring charges of impeachment against Donald Trump. 

On Jan. 24, Taylor Swift will release her 10th studio album named Woodvale


On Feb. 1, Queen Elizabeth II will abdicate and Prince Charles will take the English Throne. 

On Feb. 12, George R.R. Martin will release the sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire, The Winds of Winter

On Feb. 16, a group of Ohioans will attempt to secede from the United States, rebellion quelled in under four hours.


On March 9, Betty White will die of old age. 

On March 17, Rudy Guliani will have a segment on Fox News. 


On April 1, the UK will recognize Sealand as an official country as an April Fools joke. 

On April 5, the Vatican will announce  the Pope has covid-19. 

On April 11, Mitch Mcconnell will publicly announce he has covid-19. 

On April 19, Mitch Mcconnell will die of Covid-19 after a long struggle. 

On April 19, the Pope will recover from Covid-19. 

On April 20, Congress will pass another round of stimulus checks. 


On May 2, Taylor Swift will announce she’s pregnant. 

On May 30, Australian scientists will discover a new species of horse that has a single horn. 


On June 7, a crystalline object will be discovered in Argentina, and will attract thousands of shiny butterflies to the region, despite it being winter. 

On June 13, Netflix will release a new tv series about a group of vampire/ghosts who look and behave as teenagers despite being thousands of years old, and the world will love it. 

On June 21, Rudy Guiliani’s show will be cancelled because he accidentally criticized Trump on his show. 


On July 2, Drake and Rihanna will release a new collaborative album together. 

On July 4, President Biden will break his hip after delivering the fourth of July speech. 

On July 15, scientists in New Zealand will discover a new species of mushroom that’s ten feet tall. 

On July 23, Boris Johnson will resign as Prime Minister, and the UK will reapply to join the EU. 


On Aug. 9, Montenegro will be admitted to the EU. 

On Aug. 11, NASA will report sightings of an unknown object approaching earth. 


On Sept. 12, scientists will discover the skeletal remains of an unknown humanoid species first in separate incidents in Lithuania, Slovenia, and Uruguay, and then across the world. 

On Sept. 30, Donald Trump will be put on trial for eleven counts of treason and corruption. 


Oct. 5, a fire will start and burn down most of the east side of Harvard University. 

On Oct. 17, a deadly tsunami will hit the coast of Oregon, hitting Portland particularly hard. 

On Oct. 30, Donald Trump will be convicted of seven of the 11 charges put against him. 


On Nov. 12, Disney will release a film about Walt Disney. 

Starting Nov. 16, small but violent conflicts will erupt across already tense areas. 

On Nov. 26, Harry Styles will release a holiday album. 


On Dec. 1, Hungary will ban abortion, regardless of circumstances. 

On Dec. 10, Actress Rosario Dawson will announce she is pregnant with Senator Cory Booker’s child. 

On Dec. 17, NBC will announce the revival of the show Frasier

On Dec. 24, an avalanche will fall in Switzerland, killing six, and injuring 24. 

On Dec. 31, a cult-like figure that has gained prominence in the Americas in the past year will make his European debut.