Dause Wins Sportsmanship Award

"My Thing Here"

By Summer Ward

December 10, 2020

Freshman Morgan Dause took home the fall 2020 Dick Snyder Sportsmanship Award. This is a very honorable award that is given to one athlete from every Miami Valley Conference school.  Each winner is nominated by one or more of their athletic directors. 

This award is given to an athlete who displays integrity and good sportsmanship throughout the whole season. This is in honor of Seven Hills former athletic director Dick Snyder. He served his school and the MVC for 40 years, and was respected among athletes, coaches, parents and athletic directors from Southwest Ohio for his character, integrity and sportsmanship. The first year it was given was the winter 2011 season, and it is a major honor.

Dause played tennis this year for Norwood High School and was a great teammate. She was always there to spread positivity and encouragement during a long, challenging, COVID-filled fall season. She always is the teammate that people could look to to put a light in their day.

Sophomore Neia Segrist-Bellmah, one of Dause’s teammates, says, “Morgan was always a great teammate. She would always ask to practice our passes on the side before each match so that either one of us was ready to play our hardest each match. She always had a great big smile on her face with a bright hello everyday. I loved playing with Morgan and all of my other teammates, and I am looking forward to another season with her!”

Tennis Coach Tom Munchen says, “Morgan is always kind hearted and a true person please, she always made sure everyone had their masks on and was a great asset to the team.” He also told an amazing story that Morgan went searching and got every single lost tennis ball the team had hit in the woods over the season. He says, “She truly did everything to make the team happy.”

Once again, this award is a huge honor and only awarded to one student from Norwood each year. There is no better candidate that deserves this award than Dause! Congratulations to Dause on this amazing, honorable award, and on behalf of the whole school, we are so beyond proud of you!