Nonna Carbonara

By Aurey Barrios

November 30, 2020

My grandma is an Italian immigrant, which I am extremely grateful for because she comes with any italian dish you can think of. One of my favorites is Carbonara which is basically breakfast pasta. This dish is extremely easy to make, anyone can do it. Disclaimer: my grandma has mad trust in God and is willing to eat and feed her family raw egg.

1 Box of Pasta (any kind)
Parmesan cheese

You are going to fry some bacon and cut it into small pieces (or whatever size),
Then boil your pasta for 8-12 minutes.
After, put your pasta in a separate bowl, one for each person you are serving
Crack a raw egg into each bowl
Add parmesan cheese to each bowl (try to make it equal parts parmesan cheese and egg)
Stir the cheese into the egg until it just looks like scrambled eggs then add your bacon
Mix with the pasta