Norwood Switch from Google Classroom to Canvas is a Big Fail.


By Dillon Jones

November 23, 2020

Starting Monday, Nov. 16, all Norwood High School classes were supposed to have switched from Google Classroom to Canvas. Selleo writer Marek Palekowski says it is a learning object site where educators can supplement their classes with quizzes, modules and courses. He also says they can create discussions and documents on the site. This feature provides educators a fast-track to course creation. Commons can also be used as a platform to share content within an institution.

I really don’t see what Norwood City School District was trying to do with this one. They were trying to get an upgrade for our work distribution site, but I think Canvas is everything but an upgrade from Google Classroom. First off, Google Classroom is so much more appealing to the eye. Canvas does not look good whatsoever. The biggest problem I see with the looks of Canvas is, it looks like a website from 2002. There is so much white space everywhere and the links just look old. Also, Google Classroom is built into our computer… We literally use Chromebooks. It is so much easier to navigate through Google Classroom, and, to just get to it, I have to click the Norwood home button at the top left of my screen, scroll all the way down to shortcuts and click on Canvas’ logo just to get to Canvas. I really don’t know why it’s called a shortcut when I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen. For Google Classroom, there is a big button for it on the bottom of my screen, and that actually seems like how a shortcut would work. 

Also, one of the best things about Google Classroom is that I can download the app on my phone and get notifications when I get new assignments. One day I had done all of my online assignments I had for the week, and I was wondering why I didn’t get any assignments for my first bell class. Around 1 p.m, My first bell teacher posted an assignment, and I got the notification on my phone and then proceeded to get the assignment done right away. If we would have then been using Canvas I would have never known that assignment was posted.

One of my teacher’s does it best. They have a post on Canvas that says “Go to Google Classroom.” It’s a perfect way to bypass the problem and keep everyone happy.  If I had the option, this would be how every teacher would use Canvas, or they could just not use it at all and stick to the far superior, Google Classroom.