Community Review


By Aurey Barrios

Contributor: Grace Mersch

November 12, 2020

Community, a sitcom created by writer Dan Harmon, highlights the friendships that form and grow within a Spanish study group in a below-average community college. Each of the nine characters bring different comedic material and exaggerated stereotypes to the table. 

One of my favorites is Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), an unlikable feminist who wants everyone to think she is the most selfless person ever born. She’s a beautiful girl, and  every time she opens her mouth, everyone gets annoyed by her constant need to argue when all she wants to do is be liked. See the irony? What I like so much about this character is the comedy she brings through her exaggerated stereotype.

Another character I can appreciate is Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), who has Asperger’s and is unable to sense social cues. This takes an active role in the plot by keeping the group honest and having to explain all their feelings out loud. 

Abed’s roommate, Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), plays a sort of caretaker/best friend for Abed. Troy plays the role of a dumb jock who peaked in highschool. I’m less of a fan of Troy’s character just because I am yet to see any substance, but that being said, I am a fan of Glover’s acting.

What makes the show so great is how each character comes from a unique background and experience. Each one attends the school for a drastically different reason — an ex-lawyer seeking his bachelor’s degree, a high school dropout, a divorcee trying to sell her baked goods on the internet. 

Over the course of six seasons, the audience gets to witness a blooming friendship among an unlikely group of classmates. It teaches everyone that no matter how different we may seem, there is always something we can bond over.