Election Recap 2020

Source: en.as.com

By Brayden Manning

November 6, 2020

On the night of Tuesday, Nov. 3, citizens across the United States voted for local issues, leaders, the House of Representatives, Senate and the President of the United States. Even though it has been three days since the election night, there is still not a clear winner. 

At time of writing, the electoral count is 264-214 favoring former Vice President Joe Biden.  Although it looks like Biden will win, it’s still close. In order for President Donald Trump to retain his presidency, he would need to win Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia. 

The President has a very narrow lead in Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska and Pennsylvania. He would have to take Arizona from Biden.  However, if Biden can keep his lead in Arizona and Nevada, or take Pennsylvania from Trump, Biden will become the new president come the inauguration in January.

On the Congress side of things, it’s a battle of the Senate at this point. The House of Representatives is basically decided with the Democrats having the majority over the Republicans. As of now, the seat count is 208-193 favoring Democrats. The majority requires 218. Over in the Senate, it looks like the Republicans will have control. Seat count is 48-46 favoring Republicans. 51 is required for the majority. Although the presidency is still uncertain, the Democrats have a pretty high chance of taking over the Senate.