Homecoming 2020: How we’re celebrating and what we could have done better.

By Emily Saul

October 27, 2020

School this year has been anything but normal, and with Prom for the 2019-20 school year having been rescheduled several times and finally cancelled, many did not have their hopes up for a homecoming this school year.

And it’s lucky they didn’t. 

Normally Homecoming here at Norwood is scheduled to be in the end of September/beginning of October, but there were no announcements made about the event until just last week.

Norwood will be having a “2020 version” of Homecoming. This version consists of A-day students celebrating Homecoming on Monday, Oct. 26, and B-day students celebrating on Thursday, Oct. 29. This “celebration” is not a dance, like a normal Homecoming. The only way we will be celebrating is by dressing up to come to school. 

Obviously having an actual Homecoming with the entire high school in one room is not a possibility, but being asked to dress up the way we would for Homecoming just to come to school is worse than no Homecoming at all. Very few students will be participating, and the ones that do (nothing against them) are likely to feel left out. 

Even though the pandemic is still going on, I think there still could have been some way to have an altered homecoming (other than what we were given). If it were to have planned earlier, when there was warmer weather, we could have had a homecoming outside. Clearly it would have been a hassle to plan it in a way that would keep everyone distanced, but surely it would have been worth it. I skipped my Homecoming last year, thinking that it wouldn’t matter that much because I still had one more year, but now I won’t get my senior Homecoming either.