Should Norwood Students Return to School Full-time With the Rise in COVID-19 Cases?

By Dillon Jones

October 21, 2020

The Norwood Board of Education has called for an additional meeting to take place in the high school gym on Thursday at 6 p.m. 

They will discuss the results of a parent survey and vote if students should come back five days a week. The vote could potentially alter the current plan for students to stay in hybrid learning when Ohio is in the red level. 

Currently, Ohio is in the red and according to Governor Mike Dewine’s Twitter post from Oct. 15, we are at high risk, meaning we could soon even push into the purple level. I think it is unwise to return full time until the public health situation improves, and see this and opportunity for change.

If we do go back five days a week and things happen where we get a massive outbreak and all the students have to quarantine, don’t their parents have to quarantine then too? Then you’re bringing in family financial problems already caused by the first wave of coronavirus quarantine. 

Also, if we go five days a week, it can affect the work and school schedule of teens. There are many teens that currently have jobs and still attend school two days every week. If we go back to five days, that will really cut some hours of many teens’ schedules, especially considering that most places have been closing earlier. As someone who is balancing school and work right now, it has been great: school Monday and Tuesday, work the rest of the week. The reason I haven’t worked at all Monday and Tuesday is because we close at 7 p.m. and if I were to go into work after school I would only get about four hours of work for the day. I could decide to work those four hours, but that’s the time I use to get as much of my homework done as I can and if we go back to five days, I’m going to have to work some days where I also have an hour of homework to do on top of it, fit a meal in there somewhere, and be expected to have a social life.

Not only do I think the blended learning is a help to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but I also believe that this is something that could stick permanently.