Student Council Elections 2020


By Brayden Manning

October 19, 2020

Students at Norwood High School have been preparing for Student Council elections. These elections began Oct. 8  and will continue until Oct. 13. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, NHS is committed to moving forward with its annual tradition of Student Council elections.

This year elections have been mainly virtual. Students were asked to make campaign videos to persuade people to vote for them. Google Meetings were held for all the candidates. Candidates were not allowed to hang posters or distribute any type of materials.

Student Council does a variety of different tasks. They all lead activities and fundraising efforts for each class. The whole student council helps set up Homecoming and Prom.  Seniors usually do a speech at the end of the year at graduation. Presidents of the Student Council are in charge of representing the class and presiding over meetings. Vice presidents take over if the president is occupied. The secretary/treasurer writes letters, invitations and thank you notes. This person organizes cash boxes and any collections of funds.

There are a variety of different students running for the student council. We have only two freshmen this year: freshmen Emmet Boling and Tatum Cotterman. Cotterman made an animation type of video. Boling did a traditional sit-down video. Next, we have sophomores Austin Moore, Tyler Moore and Hailey Velker. 

Because there is a variety of students running for the council, a lot of interesting videos were sent in. We saw an animation, a news story, a couple of sit down videos and a lot of people vouching for the videos. Only two juniors, Violet Omiatek and Summer Ward, are running. Lastly we have a total of six seniors: Jordin Evans, Arielle Gladish, Nallisa Segrist-Bellamah, Leslie Smith, Mya Smith and Mae Summerlin-Williams.

Voting will take place the week of Oct. 15. Good luck to everyone running!