Should Children be Allowed to Trick-or-Treat This Year?


By Emily Saul

October 13, 2020

Many questions have been raised this year regarding what should be allowed to happen during this very unfortunate pandemic, like which places of work should be closed down, should restaurants close/reopen, should students be able to return to school, etc. One of these that many were hoping would not be an issue is “Should children be allowed to trick-or-treat this Halloween?”

No one was hoping this would be a question, as most people planned on the pandemic being over already. However, the virus looks like it’s made itself comfortable here and doesn’t plan on leaving very soon. 

I personally love fall and all that comes with it, so obviously I had my hopes up on halloween parties, haunted houses and pumpkin patches, but many of these activities have been cancelled. 

If trick-or-treating were to be cancelled this year, it wouldn’t have a huge effect on me, but thinking of all the children who may not be able to get to dress up and be whoever they want and get a ton of free candy is upsetting. Trick-or-treating years are limited, so missing out on a year is a big deal for kids, especially those who are reaching close to their teenage years, and only have one or two Halloweens left where it’s “socially acceptable” to trick-or-treat.

Some government officials are recommending skipping trick-or-treating this year, but most places do not have a mandate that bans it. There are obvious reasons why trick-or-treating should be cancelled, like how germs are likely to spread, but people go so many places every single day. Money is exchanged at stores and restaurants, students are going to school, people are going to work, etc. When you think about all the other everyday-things happening in the world, trick-or-treating doesn’t seem like much more of a threat. 

Anyone who has a compromised immune system, people who face more of a danger if they contract the virus, anyone who feels uncomfortable going out as well as anyone who doesn’t feel well should stay home and not give out any candy. People who do go out and people who plan to pass out candy should take precautions just as they would in any other public setting, and they should regularly use hand sanitizer/wash their hands, wear masks and keep as much distance away from others as possible.